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SEEDING VS SOD Seeding pros: more available grass varieties and types, less expensive than sod, deeper root systems, no initial thatch layer, no soil layering issues.
Seeding cons: longer establishment time, shorter window for optimal results, moisture is very critical for seedlings, no yard access until establishment.

Sod pros: instant gratification, relatively weed free upon installation, can be laid anytime during the growing season, allows for better erosion control on hills, instantly accessible to sodded areas.
Sod cons: more expensive, less control over grass varieties, labor intensive, instant thatch layer, potential for soil layering issues.


Core Aeration: Colorado State University
Topdressing: The Clemson University
Lawn Renovation: University of Minnesota

So you are thinking about fixing your lawn, where should you start?

Well you should start by figuring out how the original lawn failed. Lawns fail for many reason, neglect, bad irrigation, excessive thatch, insect damage, disease, shade issues with trees, compaction, incorrect herbicide applications, poor mowing practices, and low fertility levels. Before you can successfully renovate or replace a yard you will need to identify and correct these issue before you continue so you can avoid the same problems in the future. If you need help contact us and we will evaluate your lawn and figure out what is damaging your lawn. The next thing you need to decide on is what kind of lawn do you want? Do you want a high maintenance yard that requires a lot of work but looks amazing? Do you want a yard you can not mow for a long time? Do you want a yard that requires little water? Can you wait for a yard to establish from seed? Do you need a yard to be sodded so it can be used immediately? Could your yard be revived with some maintenance and over seeding? Once you decide that you can proceed.


Positions open in:
- Aeration
- Mowing
- Pest control
- Tree care

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