About nitro-green

OUR MISSION: To make our customers the focus of everything we do!

Brad and Robie Culver started Nitro Green in 1984, offering fertilizing, weed control, and aeration for lawns. They have added services to their lawn business to include pest control, tree service, snow removal, and noxious weed control. In recent years, the business has grown to include a Christmas Décor Franchise (lighting and decorating for both residential and commercial holiday displays) and agricultural product sales, including liquid cattle supplement and Crystalyx.

Nitro-Green is now owned by the Culver sons, Cleve and Clint Culver. The firm employs seasonal and year round technicians who are well trained in their fields of work. Both Clint and Cleve strive to continue a successful business. Their main focus is “1) good relationships with customers that help us retain them as repeat customers; and 2) staying on the cutting edge of the technology, methods, and techniques that deliver excellent products and service."


We at Nitro-Green have an important responsibility as applicators of pesticides. Our policy is to apply those products only where and when needed. Education on proper cultural practices such as mowing, watering, and fertilization results in a reduced need for these products. The ability to reduce the use of pesticides and maintain the beauty and function of landscapes is a team effort between the property owner and the Nitro-Green professional.


Clint Culver
• Owner

Cleve Culver
• Owner
• Feed Sales

Jeremy Smith
• Production Manager

Tyler Lysager
• Operations Manager
• ISA Certified Arborist (UT-4403A)

Steve Cramer
• Senior Office Administrator

Linda Miller
• Administrative Assistant

Alexa Tangen
• Office Assistant

Anthoni Morrow
• ISA Certified Arborist (RM-8506A)
• Tree Pruning/Removal

Richard Garber
• ISA Certified Arborist (RM-7863A)
• Tree Health Expert

Kyle Wheat
• Christmas Décor Installation Specialist

Shawn Kelly
• Lead Weed Department Technician

Jon Kellogg
• Lead Pest Management Technician

Shane Krueger
• Lead Lawn Care Technician

from our clients


Jim said he is very pleased with our service. He will use us & recommend us again.

Faydee called to say how impressed she was with our customer service --"friendly, knowledgeable, & fast!"

Christian called to thank us for the timely service and a job well done.

"Jon is excellent in what he does. He is very experienced & highly professional. He eases anxiety with his good sense of humor. Answers questions & concerns thoroughly. Helps make an undesirable situation tolerable."

"Shawn is very knowledgeable about the products he sprays and the weeds he sprays the products onto. He is respectful of my property and treats the land as if he was the owner. Nitro-Green has cracked the code on customer service."




Positions open in:
- Aeration
- Mowing
- Pest control
- Tree care
- Lawn care
- Snow Removal

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