tree care

Early detection and preventative plant health care are key components of any plant health program

consultation and diagnosis

Consultations offer the property owner a better understanding of the issues that may be influencing the health of their trees. Early detection of a pathogen is one of the easiest ways to reduce the chance of a tree succumbing to a pest. It also offers an individual the chance to ask questions about what kind of trees and shrubs exist in their landscape and which new species would be appropriate for their conditions.

Tree Nutrition/Fertilization

Urban trees, in a majority of situations, may be growing in soils that do not contain sufficient amounts of needed elements. These elements are required for growth and development. A property owner can increase growth and reduce a trees susceptibility to diseases and pests by having their trees fertilized. Young trees, especially those that are in the two to three year range, benefit tremendously from applications. Nitro Green applies fertilizer in a variety of methods. A majority of trees are fertilized with a deep root application. The fertilizer is injected in the soil around the drip edge. The injections are a few inches beneath the sod, where a majority of the feeder roots are located. We also have micro injection applications which are inserted into the base of the tree. Finally, we have foliar applications that are applied directly to the canopy, this application is great for trees that seem to become chlorotic as the season progresses.

IPM Program

Integrated pest management is a systematic approach to insect and disease management. The program is a proactive approach to plant health care. A technician will visit your property five times during the growing season to evaluate and treat your trees if treatment is required. Services may vary from landscape to landscape but most consist of dormant oil applications in the spring or fall, spray applications for insects and diseases, foliar fertilizer during summer and a fall deep root fertilizer. A number of these applications can be organic if the property owner requests it.

Stump Grinding

We offer stump grinding services.

Insect and Disease Management

Insect and disease applications can keep insect populations reduced and minimize and or protect your trees and shrubs from diseases. Foliar sprays, systemic micro-injections and horticultural oil applications are used depending on the pathogen. We can also suggest cultural practices that might lessen your need to use these applications.


Pruning is restorative. It will improve fruit production, redirect growth, increase vigor and help to repair existing damage and decrease the chance of limb/tree failure in the future. Proper pruning adds value to your trees, while neglectful or inappropriate pruning lessens the value and can lead to premature death and overall decline.

Tree Planting

Proper planting techniques, along with matching the tree’s requirements to the site will significantly enhance a new trees health and in the long run boost its chance at survival. Poor tree planting is one of the major causes of tree mortality. We can help you choose an appropriate species for your landscape and then plant it for you. We will amend the soil with organic compost, plant the tree and then stake it, if it is needed.

deerpro spring/summer protection

Professional strength, professionally applied, long-lasting protection for the growing season. Enjoy your gardens, without having to reapply deer repellent after every rain storm.

  • Each application provides long lasting protection that keeps working after rain or irrigation and delivers what other only promise: Reliable, long-lasting professional strength protection.
  • No offensive smell – a lightly discernible odor, yet protects treated plants as well as the new growth. Invisible protection means gardens look great. DeerPro Spring & Summer’s advanced sticking agent dries clear. It not only protects plants from deer, it helps to hold moisture in the plant, reducing the need for water, and increasing drought resistance during hot summer months.
  • Professional product developed and backed by 30 years of success in animal repellents.
  • DeerPro is an EPA approved, egg-based deterrent spray.
  • Applied monthly, April through September.
  • $50/month minimum.

deerpro winter animal repellent

This winter, deer will cause millions of dollars in landscape damage…damage that can be prevented.

  • DeerPro does not need to be reapplied in the snow and ice of winter, unlike other deer sprays that last only a few weeks.
  • DeerPro provides six months of protection from deer. One spray as early as October will still be protecting shrubs into early spring.
  • $150 minimum.



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