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Nitro-green of helena

Nitro-Green is Helena’s largest provider of specialty applications for your property and home. Exceptional product knowledge is combined with the highest standards of applicator training to ensure that our service offers the highest value to our customers.


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always greener

Helena soils are typically alkaline (high Ph) with low amounts of organic matter and often lack certain nutrients required to produce healthy green turf. The secret to our success is offering an exclusive blend of organic based nutrients that lower Ph, enhance topsoil, improve plant health, and address several specific nutrient deficiencies. While common fertilizers provide one to three basic minerals in synthetic form, our product has several other micro-nutrients along with organic matter to enhance the soil biology and Ph.

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complete maintenance services

One company, one low monthly fee for all your outdoor needs. All services are automatically scheduled, so you can pre-pay for the season or budget for the same monthly bill.

Mowing, Trimming, Edging, and Spring Clean-up / Lawn Fertilizing, Weed Control
Noxious Weed Control, and Lawn Mulching
Tree and Shrub Care, Pruning, and Fertilizing / Pest Control / Snow Removal, Shoveling, De-icing, and Sanding

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Positions open in:
- Aeration
- Mowing
- Pest control
- Tree care
- Lawn care
- Snow Removal

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